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GPT 4o achieves real-time audiovisual responses, can recognize everything it sees, outputs emotionally rich audio, is more powerful than GPT 4, and is free for all users. It's like the real-world 'Her' has arrived!

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Introducing GPT-4o

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Features of GPT 4o

As the most advanced large model, GPT 4o has several key features

GPT 4o Supports Multimodal Combinations

GPT 4o Supports Multimodal Combinations

GPT 4o is OpenAI's most advanced multimodal model, capable of handling and generating any combination of text, audio, and images, enabling more integrated and diverse interactions across different media types.

GPT 4o Real-Time Voice Responses

GPT 4o Real-Time Voice Responses

With super-fast voice response speeds, GPT 4o can respond to audio inputs in as little as 232 milliseconds, matching human reaction times in conversations, and can interrupt its speech, giving you the feeling of talking to a real person.

GPT 4o Can Recognize and Output Emotions

GPT 4o Can Recognize and Output Emotions

GPT 4o can sense tone, multiple speakers or background noise, and can output laughter, singing, and emotional expressions, just like a real person.

GPT 4o Has Superior Visual Capabilities

GPT 4o Has Superior Visual Capabilities

GPT 4o can recognize objects, scenes, emotions, and text in images and videos, such as uploading pictures or directly video chatting with it, recognizing everything it sees.

GPT 4o is Free for All Users

GPT 4o is Free for All Users

GPT 4o, along with all the capabilities of ChatGPT Plus membership including vision, connectivity, memory, executing code, GPT Store, etc., will be free for all users!

GPT 4o Offers Better API

GPT 4o Offers Better API

The API of GPT 4o is priced at a 50% discount, with double the speed and five times the number of calls per unit time, making it more user-friendly and cheaper

GPT 4o vs GPT 4

Main differences between GPT 4o and GPT 4


Multimodal Capabilities

GPT 4 is a large multimodal language model that can handle text and image inputs. This allows it to understand and generate text descriptions related to images.GPT 4o builds on GPT 4 by adding audio-video input processing capabilities, making it a more comprehensive multimodal model. This means GPT 4o can not only handle text and images but also understand and respond to audio-video inputs, providing a richer interaction experience.

Response Time and Interactivity

GPT 4's response time and interactivity are not as advanced as GPT 4o's, especially in terms of audio input and output. In GPT 4, audio is first converted to text sent to the GPT, which then returns text converted back into speech, resulting in a few seconds of delay.GPT 4o emphasizes fast response times and advanced interactivity, allowing users to have smoother and real-time conversations. The audio conversation is directly with ChatGPT without converting to text, so it's very fast, responding to audio inputs within 232 milliseconds.

Emotion Recognition and Output

In GPT 4, the conversation is essentially text-based, then converted to speech, so it cannot recognize user emotions and cannot express emotions based on the scene.GPT 4o, trained with audio, can directly sense user tone, emotions, etc., and can express laughter, singing, and other emotional content based on the scene, just like a real person.

Accessibility and Cost

GPT 4 was initially offered through OpenAI's API and specific subscription services, like ChatGPT Plus and Bing search engine, making it inaccessible to regular users.OpenAI announced that GPT 4o will be freely available to all users, including ChatGPT Plus members and regular users. Additionally, the API's speed has doubled, the price is halved, and the number of calls has increased fivefold.

Application Scenarios

GPT 4 is suitable for scenarios requiring processing large amounts of text and image data, such as content creation, data analysis, and complex query handling.Due to the added audio-video processing capabilities and improved interactivity, GPT 4o is particularly suitable for applications requiring voice interaction, such as real-time translation, virtual assistants, real-time customer service, and multimodal educational tools.

What people think about GPT 4o

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About OpenAI GPT 4o

Learn some basic information about the OpenAI GPT 4o model

GPT 4o is OpenAI's latest, most advanced large multimodal language model, significantly improved and expanded upon the original GPT 4. Not only does GPT 4o inherit the abilities of GPT 4 to process text and images, but it also includes new capabilities for recognizing audio inputs, making it a more comprehensive multimodal AI model. Key features include faster response times and more advanced multimodal processing capabilities. GPT 4o can instantly recognize and analyze audio, images, and text information provided by users through the chat interface, offering a richer and more interactive user experience.
GPT 4o is not only free to use but also features capabilities across listening, seeing, and speaking, seamlessly and without delay, like making a video call. It can feel your breathing rhythm and respond in real-time with richer tones than ever before, and can even interrupt conversations.
The 'o' in GPT 4o stands for 'Omni', meaning 'all-powerful'. It accepts any combination of text, audio, and image inputs, and generates text, audio, and image outputs. Researcher William Fedus revealed that GPT 4o was one of the models tested in the big model arena with an unmatched ELO score under the alias 'im-also-a-good-gpt2-chatbot'.

FAQ about GPT 4o

Some common questions about GPT 4o that people are concerned about

What is GPT 4o?

GPT 4o is the latest generation of large multimodal language models developed by OpenAI, capable of handling text, image, and audio inputs, providing a highly interactive AI experience. It builds upon GPT 4 with added audio processing capabilities and offers faster response times and greater interactivity.

What are the new features of GPT 4o?

GPT 4o introduces audio input recognition, enhances real-time user interaction, and offers more advanced multimodal recognition technology. Additionally, it has improved response speeds and the ability to handle longer texts.

How to use GPT 4o?

Users can access GPT 4o through OpenAI's API interface or directly use it in supported applications. Developers can obtain API access through OpenAI's official website and integrate GPT 4o into their applications.

When was GPT 4o released?

GPT 4o was officially released on May 13, 2024. Since then, users and developers can start using this model for free, with gradual rollout to general users over several weeks.

How to access GPT 4o API?

Developers need to register on OpenAI's official website and apply for API access. Once approved, developers can start using the GPT 4o API for development and integration.

How to download GPT 4o?

GPT 4o is offered as an API service and does not require downloading. Users can access GPT 4o's features through API calls or directly on supported platforms and apps, or download the desktop client for use.

Is GPT 4o free?

Yes, OpenAI has announced that GPT 4o is free for all users, accessible via ChatGPT's official website. Both Plus members and regular users can use GPT 4o for free.

Can GPT 4o be used in desktop applications?

Yes, OpenAI has launched a desktop version of ChatGPT, providing users with a rich interactive AI experience. Installation methods can be referred to in the documentation provided by OpenAI.

What are the differences between GPT 4 and GPT 4o?

GPT 4 mainly handles text and image inputs, while GPT 4o adds processing for audio inputs. GPT 4o also offers faster response times and more advanced multimodal recognition capabilities, as well as the ability to recognize and express emotions.

What is the main use of GPT 4o?

GPT 4o is suitable for applications requiring high interaction and multimodal input processing, such as virtual assistants, content creation, real-time translation, etc. Its high customizability also makes it an ideal choice for developers to optimize user experience in specific applications.

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