About OpenAI GPT 4o

Learn some basic information about the OpenAI GPT 4o model

GPT 4o is OpenAI's latest, most advanced large multimodal language model, significantly improved and expanded upon the original GPT 4. Not only does GPT 4o inherit the abilities of GPT 4 to process text and images, but it also includes new capabilities for recognizing audio inputs, making it a more comprehensive multimodal AI model. Key features include faster response times and more advanced multimodal processing capabilities. GPT 4o can instantly recognize and analyze audio, images, and text information provided by users through the chat interface, offering a richer and more interactive user experience.
GPT 4o is not only free to use but also features capabilities across listening, seeing, and speaking, seamlessly and without delay, like making a video call. It can feel your breathing rhythm and respond in real-time with richer tones than ever before, and can even interrupt conversations.
The 'o' in GPT 4o stands for 'Omni', meaning 'all-powerful'. It accepts any combination of text, audio, and image inputs, and generates text, audio, and image outputs. Researcher William Fedus revealed that GPT 4o was one of the models tested in the big model arena with an unmatched ELO score under the alias 'im-also-a-good-gpt2-chatbot'.